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Luxurious Modern Woven Armchair



This luxury armchair offers a comforting balance and soft lines that create a cozy environment. The deep curve that features in This luxury armchair creates a welcoming and warm love nest. This seating is perfect for any outdoor environment, for example living areas, dining spaces and even pool-side areas. This luxury armchair redefines simple yet luxurious living, through the natural wood tones and the comfortable cushions. Also, the materials used when used making This product mean that it is suited for the outdoors and a marine climate as it is extremely resistant to weathering agents such as UV rays, rain and salt. 

Designed and made in Italy, this luxury armchair features a powder-coated aluminium frame and a natural round cross section fiber which creates the iconic rattan style. Also, the rattan is only available in the 'natural' colour, but the cushion is available in a wide range of colours. The price quoted here is for the cushion in the most basic colours, these being white and beige. Many more colours are available upon request, please note that these will be subject to price variance. Also, there is an optional protective cover that can be bought separately to This product. This luxury ensures that it is kept in good condition during the times where it’s not being used. 

This product is part of a much larger collection, if you would like information of the full collection or have any enquiries please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Made In Italy

Height: 84cm

Length: 102cm

Width: 107cm