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Large Corten Steel Outdoor Grill



Designed and made in Portugal, this large corten steel outdoor grill allows you to enjoy the wonders of alfresco dining. Featuring a unique and practical design that promotes inclusivity which you can enjoy with family and friends. Using high quality materials such as corten and stainless steel, this luxury grill has been masterfully hand crafted and built to last.

This luxury grill uses a wood burning fire pit that heats up the grill effectively. It also a sustainable way of grilling food outside as it doesn't use gas that emits toxic fumes into the environment, like many outdoor grills and barbecues do. Moreover, once your food has been cooked and enjoyed, just keep the fire topped up and it'll keep you warm throughout the evening!

We believe that good food is a pleasure we should all share.


Height: 85cm / 55cm

Diameter: 115cm / 90cm

Lead time: 3 - 4 weeks