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Luxury Minimal Woven Rope Barstool


Grey Sandy
Rope Colour

Stylish and minimal, this stool characterises a lean roundness that recalls the 50s and a modern semi-transparent, vibrant effect through the use of round-cut rope detailing meaning this barstool brings a stylish touch to wherever it's placed. Also, the materials that are used when making This product, being aluminium, rope and a waterproof fabric mean that this bar stool is perfect in any outdoor environment and marine climates as it is resistant to weathering agents such as rain, salt and UV rays. Also, there is an optional protective cover that can be bought separately to This product. This luxury ensures that it is kept in good condition during the times where it’s not being used

Designed and made in Italy, this stool is made out of an aluminium frame that is coated in epoxy powder which brings the seating tough and durable qualities. This product also features a cut rope in the round shape that is woven around the aluminium frame which creates the comforting sense of depth, giving maximum relaxation in This luxury bar stool. We offer this product in a range of interchangeable colours, the structure is available in white and grey sandy and the rope detailing comes in white beige and taupe. Shown here is the white aluminium frame and the taupe rope. The price quoted here is for the very basic colour in the base cushion, these being white and beige. Many more colours are available upon request, please note that these will be subject to price variance due to varying qualities.

If you would like any further information or have any questions please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Made In Italy

Height: 105cm

Length: 50cm

Width: 52cm