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Moon Outdoor Garland Light



Designed and made in Spain, this premium collection brings together multiple applications like pendants and floor lamps. The June garland can be supported off walls, a tree or any other vertical surface. Perfect for exterior use given its IP65 rating. It's moon-like spheres recall garland festooned throughout a courtyard, garden or patio, casting a warm, ambient glow.
This premium collection involves four models with either 3 or 5 light points, configured like moons that give off an indirect light with discs or luminous spheres that provide a direct light. These lamps provide a smooth and comfortable illumination through their latest generation LED technology. This product can be made with either 2 discs that diffuse the light point and create a crescent shape, or with luminous spheres. Shown here are both versions, please call if you require any further information.
These lights are members of a much larger collection, some of which you can shop below. If you have any further questions, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!
3 Lights

Width: Max 730cm
Illumination: 3 × LED 1W 350mA
Diameter of Globes: 7cm / 9cm
Diameter of Discs: 17cm / 17cm

5 Lights

Width: Max 800cm

Illumination: 5 × LED 1W 350mA
Diameter of Globes: 7cm / 9cm
Diameter of Discs: 17cm / 17cm

Lead time: 4-5 weeks