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Simple Teak 3 Person Outdoor Sofa



This luxury teak three-seater sofa is the epitome of simple but luxurious outdoor living. The simple structure is made up of strong lines of quality, natural teak. The comfortable cushions create a cosy and inviting space to relax into - available in a range of coloured acrylic fabrics.

The warm-toned natural teak is made up of strong lines and a mix of natural wooden shades. This luxury wood looks great in any outdoor space with the right care it can last you a lifetime. We recommend a periodic application of an oil-based protective product to keep This chair looking brand new. There is also a protective cover which can be purchased on request to keep This chair covered when not in use. The listed price above is for This luxury sofa crafted using warm-toned natural teak wood, however This premium piece can be crafted from pickled teak wood (a cooler toned wood) on request.

Acrylic fabric is also a material extremely suited to outdoor living as it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and a range of climates. The cushions, made of This luxury fabric, are available in a range of colours; white, grey, black-stone. They can also be made with a cherry-red fabric on request! 

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Width: 180cm

Height: 70cm

Depth: 80cm

Lead time: 5 weeks approx