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Unique Modular Sofa Set



Designed and made in Italy, this luxury modular sofa is completely unique and customizable. The set is made up of different modular pieces including one, two and three seater modules. These modules can include back pieces or corner pieces. The foam seating can be positioned as you wish on the teak underneath; you may choose to have a teak panel at the back of your sofa set, on the side as a sort of service table, or in-between pieces to break up the set.

The natural teak structure is a durable and strong material, it can last a lifetime with the right care. (we recommend a periodic application of an oil-based product). We offer a bespoke protective cover which can be purchased for your furniture to protect it from the elements when not in use. The strong wooden lines create a clear and defined living area.

The seat and back cushions are made from a quick-drying foam covered with any of the category A fabrics - This luxury includes a range of strong block colours. These high quality fabrics can vary for each piece of modular furniture meaning This luxury set could be a great way to incorporate colour into your outdoor space. Other fabrics are available on request.

Quoted price will exclude smaller pillows but they are recommended for maximum comfort. This luxury set is customizable and can meet the maximum functionality of any outdoor space.

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