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Wireless Modern Sleek Table Lamp



The modern table lamp aims to bring a simplistic touch to your area, this lamp is small and versatile as it can be a table, desk or floor light, this luxury makes it very functional and unique. This luxury table lamp uses a bright light and three selectable light levels to create a bright atmosphere. Designed and made in Italy, this luxury light is the perfect staple piece for any garden area as it creates a warm and delicate atmosphere while being bright and bold at the same time.  

This luxury table lamp is made out of two materials, these being iron and methacrylate which comes in white and black, however, there are a wide range of other colours available upon request. Please contact us if you would prefer a different colour. Please note that the different colours may be subject to price variance. The battery and USB cable are available with this luxury produce, the battery charger must be bought seperately. Once on, the battery lasts roughly 32 hours, but once the light is also turned off it lasts up to 5 days. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!


Height: 24cm

Width: 12cm

Illumination: 1 X 1.8W LED bulb 
                       3000K, 220 lumen

IP rating: IP65

Lead time: 4-5 weeks