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Large Double Canopy Luxury Parasol


This heavy duty double parasol features a strong aluminium or teak pole and an acrylic shade in neutral tones white or ecru. We offer various base options available for this parasol depending on its size.

This parasol is crafted from quality materials, perfectly suited to outdoor use. It can withstand harsh winds and has a smooth operation. 

We offer this parasol in various sizes, covering 4m at its largest! Various aspects of this piece is customisable to ensure your parasol is perfectly suited to your outdoor space.

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Invest in your outdoor space with our selection of heavy-duty, wind resistant and waterproof patio umbrellas and parasols. Made from quality materials, they create peaceful and shaded outdoor spaces, protected from the elements. From centre pole umbrellas to cantilever parasols, many of these pieces are customisable in both size and colour. Our parasols and umbrellas are windproof and strong, they can last you a lifetime of outdoor use!

Our selection of durable umbrellas and parasols are perfect for both commercial, hospitality spaces like restaurants, pubs or hotels. Request a consultation and a member of our team will reach out to discuss the perfect umbrella or parasol for your unique outdoor living needs as well as discussing trade discount...

A variety of quality materials and stylish finishes available...

Most of our umbrellas and parasols feature a strong metal or wooden pole and a durable acrylic or polyester fabric shade. We source products mindfully to ensure they will last you a lifetime of outdoor use with no fading or rusting. A variety of these pieces are made using quality aluminium - perfect for outdoor use as it won't fade or rust, its lightweight and it requires very low maintenance.

If you prefer a wooden finish, we offer umbrellas crafted from iroko, oak and teak wood. These woods have high oil content meaning they repel water and are resistant to dry rotting - perfect for outdoor use! These woods are not only strong and resistant to outdoor conditions, but they also have beautiful warm natural tones making them look stylish!

Acrylic and polyester shades are great as they are resistant to harsh weathering agents like rain and UV rays, these materials are also durable and retain their colour well. We offer our umbrellas and parasols in a range of different colour variations from soft neutrals to bright and bold shades!

Quadruple Canopy White Commercial Parasol


This large, heavy-duty commercial parasol features four large square shades and an aluminium, iroko or teak pole.

It can withstand strong winds and weathering agents, creating shaded outdoor spaces protected from rain or wind. Available in various different sizes, this piece can cover up to 8 metres of space! Perfect for use in hospitality spaces like restaurants, beer gardens and hotels.

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Large Square Cantilever Parasol


This premium cantilever parasol is the perfect addition to any outdoor dining or lounging space. With an easy and efficient operation, this parasol can create shaded and protected spaces in seconds. 

This parasol is available with an acrylic shade in white or ecru. The aluminium pole is also available in either black or white. 

We offer this parasol in various sizes, the larger size covers up to 4 metres - perfect for covering a patio dining area during sunny weather!

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Modern Grey Square Cantilever Parasol


This luxury parasol is crafted from a quality oak wood pole and an acrylic shade, available in soft ivory and dove grey. These colours are stylish and compliment chic outdoor living spaces.

This parasol features concrete tiles which form a base to ensure this piece withstands harsh weather like strong winds.

We offer this parasol in two sizes; a square 3x3m or a rectangular 4x3m.

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Best Classic Circular Umbrella with Stand


This quality umbrella features a strong oak wood centre pole and an acrylic shade, available in a range of beautiful colours. 

This umbrella comes with a 23kg stand which can keep this piece in place even in windy conditions. There are other stands available in request if you are looking to keep this umbrella in an especially windy area.

This classic umbrella is an essential addition to your outdoor living space. It's various colour options make this umbrella a both a practical and stylish accessory. 

Available in two sizes, at its largest this umbrella comfortably covers 2.8m of space. 

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Modern Square Umbrella with Metal Pole


Indulge yourself with this classic square umbrella, featuring a quality aluminium pole and dyed polyester shade. This shade is available in white, dove grey and bright red, it is UV resistant meaning these colours will not fade with use.

This umbrella is available in two sizes, covering up to 3.5m of space at its largest.

The stand ensures this umbrella can withstand harsh winds and weather conditions. 

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