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Bespoke, Retractable Awnings and Luxury Pergolas

Upgrade your outdoor lounging  space with our collection of premium, retractable awnings and luxurious louvered pergolas. Pergolas and sun shades protect your outdoor lounging or dining space from direct sunlight and showers, creating a peaceful and cosy space in which you can relax - no matter the weather!

Our selection of waterproof electric motor awnings allow a sail shade to be outstretched quickly and efficiently, as soon as desired. Our collection of retractable, electric awnings are bespoke in size and can be customised to suit your needs. Why not add some LED lights for the night time or infra-red heaters for the colder months?

Pergolas are the craze at the moment - great for hosting and as well as relaxing with loved ones. Pergolas allow you to reap the benefits of spending time outdoors whilst being sheltered from direct UV rays and occasional showers. With a retractable, louvered roof, you can pick and choose when you'd like to be completely sheltered. Our pergolas are completely bespoke, choose your size, finish and added amenities to create a pergola which is uniquely yours!

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A Personal, Tailored Service 

Due to our close working relationship with manufacturers, we offer a bespoke service. This means that we can source the perfect awning or pergola for any unique outdoor living space. 

Once you get in touch with your requirements, design specification and size we can source the best materials for your awning or pergola - perfectly suited to your outdoor space. 

There is an extensive list of accessories which can be added to both our awnings and pergolas, from lights and infrared heaters to privacy curtains and glass panels. 

Custom, Retractable Awnings

Our selection of bespoke, weatherproof patio awnings not only block sun rays and keep you cool on particularly hot days, but also protect your alfresco dining or lounging space from rainfall.

These motorized awnings can be uniquely designed for every space, whether it be a commercial space like a restaurant, hotel or pub, or a domestic setting like a garden patio. The brackets used to secure an awning to the wall are also custom made, meaning installation is quick and easy!

Operation is smooth and efficient, opt for manual or motor operation, depending on your awnings size and positioning. 

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Premium Contemporary Pergolas

Our close working relationship with manufacturers means your pergola can be custom made to suit your unique outdoor living needs.

Various elements of our pergolas can be customised; size, curtains, glass or aluminium panels and roof being just a few. Choose from louvered or electric retractable roof options and various different finishes. 

Pergolas mean the transition from indoor to outdoor living is seamless and easy. We offer pergolas for both domestic and commercial spaces like pubs, hotels and restaurants. With custom sizes available, we have the perfect pergola for any outdoor living space.

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