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Simple Artistic Garden Fabric Rug



Designed and made in Italy, this fabric mat is perfect to have either indoors or outdoors. It adds a touch of elegance to any space while providing a purpose served effectively. This mat is a sought after piece, although it being simple, it still adds to character and style of the area it gets placed in. 

This mat comes in a vast range of colours, including: Canvas, Light/Dark Grey, Red and Dark Green. All of these colours, apart from Dark Grey and Red are available in the Rib style of this mat. If you'd like any information about the styles or colours, please contact us. These mats are weatherproof, however; we'd recommend that you store this in a dry place when not in use, to ensure optimum quality.

Made In Italy


Width: 160cm

Length: 240cm


Width: 200cm

Length: 300cm


Width: 300cm

Length: 400cm