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Chic Stainless Steel Garden Floor Lamp



Inspired by nature, and more specifically the beautiful natural shapes of a flamingo, this floor light is characterised by straight and curved elegant lines that protect the light source with grace and care. Designed and made in Italy, the minimal, sleek shape along with the bright light and simplistic colours of this garden floor light mean that it brings a unique sense of style and simplicity to wherever it is placed. Also, the high IP of this light means that it is perfectly suited for an outdoor environment and a marine climate as it is extremely resistant to weathering agents such as rain, salt and snow. Moreover, this floor lamp is securely fixated into the ground and requires 110-240V underground electric wires in order for it to work. 

Sleek and modern, this floor lamp features a stainless steel L-shape base that is painted white to give a modern touch. This light also has a hidden LED light source on the underside of the curve that directly emits the bright light throughout the garden. This floor light was designed to create light in a unique way, following the curve of the unique design and lighting up any large outdoor area. With this light you can have the option of having a warmer and dimmer light source of 3000K and 290 lumen or a colder, brighter light source of 6000K and 350 lumen. Shown here is the 6000K light source with the 350 lumen. 

If you require any more information or have any questions about this product please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you!

Made In Italy

Height: 100cm

Width: 25cm

Depth: 53cm

Illumination: multichip 20W LED light source
                       6000K, 350 lumen

IP rating: IP68

Lead time: 4-8 weeks