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Contemporary Metal Multi-Purpose Stand



This luxury metal bin takes a modern approach to outdoor furniture. This premium piece comes in a wide range of sizes making it very versatile. It can be used as a side table, stool or a plant stand. Please note that the different sizes will be subject to price variance. This premium piece is crafted from stainless steel making it suitable for any environment as it isn't susceptible to corrosion caused by rain and salt. 

We offer this luxury metal bin in a wide variety such as black, white and green. Shown here is one of the recommended colours but we do offer a wider range of colours upon request. Please note that different colours are subject to price variance. 

Get in touch for more information and a member of the team will be happy to help!



1.Height:  88cm                       2.Height: 60cm

Diameter: 60cm                        Diameter: 60cm


1.Height:  45cm                      2.Height: 31cm                  3.Height: 14cm

Diameter: 60cm                        Diameter: 60cm                Diameter: 60cm


1.Height:  75cm                      2.Height: 45cm                 3.Height: 25cm

Diameter: 47cm                        Diameter: 47cm                Diameter: 47cm

All sizes lead time: 3-4 weeks