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High End Modular Teak Sofa



This sofa is characterised by welcoming shapes and wide dimensions, and was designed with the intent to create cosy and personal settings where it is placed, and desgined to fit around three or four people. This luxury elegant seat design blends with the essential lines, the style and the design of itself and its surroundings, creating a highly attractive outdoor area. Designed and made in Italy, this luxury sofa is a member of a much larger collection including tables, sunbeds and chair models, some of which are shown on the website, please contact us if you would like the full collection. This product can come in either two sides, a right or left side. As seen above, these sofas can be used together, something which we'd highly recommend. 

Modern yet elegant, This luxury sofa comes in a long lasting and durable wooden frame, ensuring quality and stability. We offer this sofa in two different colours; teak-mambo taupe and teak-twill beige. This premium piece comes standard with cushions, however, more can be made available upon request.

If you would like any further information on the different colours, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Made in Italy

Length: 230cm

Width: 110cm

Height: 73cm