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Linear Design Modular Sofa Set



Treat yourself with this luxury modular sofa collection. This luxury sofa uses a aluminium structure with slats of teak wood to create a strong linear design. The backrest made up of strong lines creates a cosy space full of comfortable cushions in which you can relax into and unwind. This luxury completely customizable set includes central pieces, corner pieces and daybed pieces - get in touch to find out more information!

The quoted price will include the aluminium frame in 'warm white' or 'sepia black' and the teak slats in a natural teak (a warm toned wood) - a pickled teak (a cooler toned wood) is available on request. The price quoted will include the comfortable seat cushion and basic back cushions in a grey acrylic fabric - we also offer a white acrylic fabric on request. The quoted price will exclude any smaller decorative cushions. Price is for first composition shown in pickled teak.

This premium piece comes from a wider family of furniture made up of a strong linear design and combination of textured matte aluminium and strong teak wood. The full collection can be found online.

This luxury sofa is crafted using high quality materials which are weather resistant and can last you a lifetime - there is an optional seat cover which can be purchased to protect the sofa from the elements when it is not in use.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions - a member of our team will be happy to help!