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Luxurious Aluminium Outdoor Dining Armchair



Designed and made in Italy, this luxury armchair is the definition of luxury outdoor living, the polished look of This chair shines for its variation in solids and voids that give This chair a sense of lightness. The fabric bands, metal frame and comfortable base cushion make this luxury the ideal choice for your outdoor area. Also, the materials used when making This product mean that it is perfectly suited for any outdoor environment and a marine climate as they are resistant to the weathering agents of outdoors such as UV rays, salt and rain. 

Stylish and modern, this luxury armchair features an epoxy-powder-coated aluminium frame, which holds scratch proof and shockproof properties. Also, the bands at the backrest and arms of This chair are made out of a polyester waterproof material that are coordinated with the frame. The wide range of seats and backrests come with a semi-circular or linear structure choice. This luxury linear structure allows for This luxury seat to be turned into modular furniture with endless customisable and unique configurations. Also, this chair is available in a range of colours, making it somewhat customisable. The aluminium frame is available in white, taupe or gold and the bands come in white, taupe or black. 

The price quoted here is for the very basic colour in the cushion, these being white and beige. Many more colours are available upon request, please note that these will be subject to price variance. Also, there is an optional protective cover that can be bought separately to This product. This luxury ensures that it is kept in good condition during the times where it’s not being used.

This chair is part of a much larger collection including sofas, armchairs, tables and much more, if you would like more information on the full collection or having any questions on This product, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Made In Italy

Height: 75cm

Length: 55cm

Width: 65cm