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Luxury Simplistic Outdoor Lamp



Uniquely designed and made in Italy, this luxury simple outdoor floor lamp is ideal to add to any outdoor area. Fine details make this product a highly sought after piece, and create a warm and cosy feel through the gentle light it produces. This luxury light can be placed anywhere and its presence will be certainly known, as it is highly noticeable.

This product comes in three colours: Dove, Light Grey and Dark Grey. All of these colours are available upon request. The material used with this product is weatherproof and durable, so is able to withstand many weathering agents such as rain and salt. However, to ensure optimum quality, we recommend This product to be stored in a dry place when not in use. 

If you'd like any more information, whether that's technical information, or information about this product or others, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help!



Diameter: 55cm

Height: 42cm


Diameter: 70cm

Height: 60cm