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Luxury Teak Exterior Dining Table



This luxury teak dining table is the perfect solution for alfresco dining with loved ones. 

Designed and made in Italy from high quality teak wood - with the right care, this luxury table can last you a lifetime. To sustain the table's high quality, a periodic application of an oil based protective product is recommended. 

The table comes in two sizes, to fit your own individual dining needs. This luxury natural, durable teak dining table is a central furniture piece and is made up of lean-cut lines which are ideal for creating a smooth, classy setting. 

Treat yourself with this luxury classic outdoor dining table if you want to enjoy alfresco dining in style.

Dimensions of Table 240:

Width: 240cm

Depth: 100cm

Height: 75cm

Dimensions of Table 300:

Width: 300cm

Depth: 110cm

Height: 75cm

Lead time: 6 weeks approx