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Luxury Teak Modular Garden Sofa


Frame Colour
Dark Grey

Elegant and stylish, this luxury sofa consists of two pieces which have been placed together to create an L-shaped sofa. This luxury sofa is characterized by teak rigid and geometric structures which support the embracing and important seats of This luxury outdoor modular sofa, creating a perfect balance between shape and volume. Shown here is the left corner chaise lounge and the middle piece sofa, however there are many more members of This luxury modular collection, including a left and right corner sofa and a right corner chaise lounge. Due to This luxury being a modular collection you can use any of these pieces in any combination of your choice to obtain your desired shape. 

The price quoted here is for both of the modular pieces put together, however if you would like the price per piece please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Designed and made in Italy, each modular sofa piece features a teak frame which is available in two shades, being natural teak and teak, please note that the different shades of teak may cause a variance in price. These sofas also feature stainless steel reinforcing plates and specific outdoor synthetic elastic straps to support the straps. Also, the fabric is available in a wide range of colours, these being beige, brown, white, dark grey and blue. The cushions have removable covers, which are easy to wash and weather resistant with quick dry foam padding, meaning they are perfect for outdoor use. 

The whole of This collection is also available in an aluminium frame, if you would prefer This luxury or require any more information please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to give you the information and a quote for these.

Made In Italy

Left corner chaise lounge:              Middle piece sofa:

Height: 65cm                                      Height: 65cm

Width: 100cm                                     Width: 100cm

Length: 200cm                                    Length: 196cm