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Luxury Wooden Garden Sauna With Glass Door - 3 or 4 Person



Relax and unwind in style with our Luxury Garden Sauna UK. Enjoy the comfort and warmth of an at home sauna, designed and built with excellent insulation for maximum heat retention, so you can get maximum enjoyment. With a wonderful, natural design that can enhance any outdoor space, you can relax in luxury. Transport yourself to your own personal oasis in the comfort of your own home. 

Saunas offer a huge range of health benefits including stress reduction, pain relief, improved heart health & incudes a deeper sleep. Read more in our blog post below -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using Saunas?

The internal walls are available in a number of finishes; spruce, black spruce & brown spruce. Further to this, the bench, backrest & footboard are available in abachi, black abachi & brown abachi.

The sauna consists of walls & ceiling made up of sandwich panels with an external coating of 9mm OSB &  70mm internal insulating layer of internal wool. These characteristics lend this sauna to have excellent heat retention & energy efficiency. 

Warm ambient lighting is available as standard but can be upgraded to LED RGB lighting for added chronotherapeutic benefits. Thermal controls for this model are installed inside the house at a maximum distance of 10m. 

This model is available as standard with a singular door opening or upgrade to a full glass front, which you can see in the images. Added side windows are also available. There are plenty of other adaptations & accessories available with this model, please give our team a call to discuss your project in further detail.

This sauna is available in multiple sizes:

150cm x 150cm - 3 Person
200cm x 150cm - 3 Person
200cm x 200cm - 3 Person
250cm x 200cm - 4 Person

Prices start from £11,970.

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