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Minimal Fabric Outdoor Sunbed


Chocolate Brown

Designed and made in Italy, this luxury sunbed is composed of aluminium and high-end wood, this luxury being teak, with an essential design. In aluminium, teak and a durable fabric, with clean-cut lines, the sunbed is ideal for creating smooth, classy settings, and is complemented by a variety of accessories. This luxury sunbed is part of a much larger collection including a range of chair and table models, many of which are featured on the website, however not all, please contact us if for the full collection. 

This sunbed is composed of an aluminium frame, a durable fabric base and teak armrests. The aluminium stand and fabric are available in four colours, these being white, black, chocolate brown and taupe.

To keep This product in good condition, we recommend that the aluminium base is cleaned regularly, more often in damp locations with a marine climate. We also recommend cleaning and storing in a sheltered area during prolonged periods of non-use and during the winter. Also, as the teak armrest is a natural material, changes in colour or cracks may appear due to levels of humidity or sudden changes in temperature and so it must receive maintenance treatment with the periodic application of common and specific oil-based protective products. Also, the durable fabric is made from polyvinyl chloride thread, ensuring maximum UV protection and resistance.To maintain the fabric, avoid prolonged contact with greasy substances and/or dyes, which may be absorbed by the coating material.

The pricing quoted here is for the sunbed with all of the accessories, these being the armrest, storage net and sunbed roof, if you would like the separate prices or any further information on the different colours, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Made in Italy

Width: 77cm

Length: 209cm

Height: 36-97cm

Weight: 17.6kg