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Design Tips for Smaller, City Gardens

Posted on July 26 2022

Designing your garden with limited space may pose some challenges, this is especially true for those who live in central town houses or built-up urban areas. But there is no need to give up on your dream exterior design plans if you are limited with space. Here’s some tips for making your garden look great and seem bigger if your outdoor space is on the smaller side.
If your outdoor space lacks lots of soil or space for plant beds, you can still make your garden look as green and luscious as possible. Why not opt for vertical gardening solutions, like climbing plants or green walls?

Image by @homebybelle on Pinterest

This technique doesn't only make the most of the space in your garden but it also covers fences and walls, blurring the perimeter and making the space seem bigger. If your garden is mostly shaded, invest in plants which thrive in the shade! Try Coral Bells, Foxglove, Primrose, Euphorbia robbiae, Lily of the valley or Shuttlecock fern. Or, due to urban climates being relatively warmer than elsewhere, why not choose more exotic plants that need warmer conditions?

 Many people avoid opting for larger plants when designing a smaller outdoor space, but actually having lots of smaller pots can make your space look cluttered and seem smaller. Don’t be afraid to go big! 

Image by @stylecuratorau on Pinterest

The main thing to keep in mind when designing your garden on a smaller scale is to focus on extending your interior design, try to blend your interior and exterior spaces. This fluidity means your garden becomes an extension of your home and less of a separate entity, it makes your outdoor space seem more open. To do this, try and match your outdoor and indoor flooring, or continue your indoor aesthetic when decorating outside. 

   If you're looking to incorporate lots of colour in your outdoor space don't hesitate going bright and bold with your colour scheme! Try and include some light colours to make the space seem bigger, as well as including various different shades to add depth.

Other features which you could include in your outdoor space include mirrors and zones. Zones are a popular outdoor design choice as they make space seem more multi-dimensional. You can create zones with large plants, hedges or flooring to create the appearance of different rooms in your garden. 

Image by @MJMMofficiel on Pinterest

Using different flooring and plants can create specific spaces for lounging or dining in your garden and take away from the size of your space.

Keep in mind the quality of your outdoor furniture when designing your garden, especially if you lack much storage space. Invest in furniture pieces that will withstand harsh weather and don't need to be stored away during winter months.  

Hopefully you find some of these tips useful if you have a city garden or smaller outdoor space. Smaller gardens can still be just as beautiful as larger ones! Here at Luxterior we offer a range of quality, handcrafted furniture and lighting which compliments gardens of all size. Please get in touch if you'd like to start your own project today!