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What is Colour Light Therapy? Otherwise Known As Chromotherapy.

Posted on May 16 2023

Colour therapy otherwise known as chromotherapy is a form of therapy used to treat physical & mental issues using colour & light. The ancient Egyptians were the first to understand how colours unconsciously effect our body, mind & moods. This idea has since been developed with pioneers such as Carl Jung leading the field. Yung once said “colours are the subconscious’ native tongue.”

Have you ever wondered why different colours make you feel a certain way? Or why professional or public environments will use certain colours in their interiors? This is colour theory!

According to colour therapists, colour can enter out bodies through either our skin or eyes. Each visible hue has a certain wave length & frequency every distinct frequency affects people differently & serves various functions. In general, warm hues are employed for energising effects whilst cold hues are reserved for soothing ones. rk is the use of blue light in railway stations to lessen suicide rates. As the colour blue is used to relieve pain & sadness, the blue-light emitting equipment at stations deter people from attempting suicide, this theory can be seen at a train crossing in Scotland & Gatwick airport train station. Further to this, in 2005, Japan, the prefectural police force installed blue lamps through the prefecture & discovered that the frequency of crimes fell by 9%.

What are some of the benefits of colour therapy?

  • Stress Reduction
  • Increase appetite
  • Reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. The shorted days & lack of sunlight during the colder months make people more susceptible to seasonal affective disorder. Warm hues like yellow & orange could lesson the symptoms of this disease.
  • It has been demonstrated that colours like red & yellow can increase your energy & motivation.

Types of colour therapy?


Red is stimulating & energising therefore it's helpful for tiredness & lethargy, stimulate low blood pressure & boost circulation. It's energising & excites emotions. Increases physical energy, vitality, stamina, grounding, spontaneity, stability & passion.


Orange has a freeing action upon the body & mind, relieving repressions. It can stimulate creative thinking & enthusiasm. It can help when you feel a lack of interest in your familiar routines or playfulness in everyday life. Stimulates creativity, productivity, pleasure optimism, enthusiasm & emotion expression.


Yellow has an energising & stimulation effect on the body & mind. It can help relieve depression, melancholy & confusion. It can also help strengthen nerves & your mind. It's believed to help anxiety, panic attacks & low mood. Increases fbm humour, lightness, personal power, intellect logic & creativity.


Green is a balancing colour, in the middle of the visible spectrum. The higher three colours are known as cool colours & enlist a calming effect whereas the lower three colours; warm colours have an energising effect. Therefore, green can be helpful in times of stress. Supports balance, harmony, love, communication & acceptance.


Blue promotes healing & relaxation. It is also the colour of communication. It's known to increase calmness, peace, love, honesty, kindness, truth, inner peace, emotional depth & devotion.


As purple is a combination of blue & red it helps to balance spiritual growth. It's known to sooth mental & emotional stress. It is the highest colour of the visible light spectrum & governs the central nervous system. It can help slow down an overactive mid & has been used to help treat depression.

Stimulates intuition, imagination, universal flow, meditation & artistic qualities.

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What is colour light therapy