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How To Maintain Your Home Sauna. Top Tips.

Posted on May 16 2023

After every use It's super important to look after your sauna to keep it in the best condition for many years. Follow our few simple steps to ensure your home sauna is well looked after.

Don't paint, varnish or stain the interior parts of your sauna. The wood needs to be able to absorb & slowly release heat & humidity. Artificial finishes also make the woods surface much hotter.

It's worth while treating the door handles & floorboards with a good wood sealant & polyurethane finish as these points get dirty easily.

Keep a hand brush in the sauna, Once the last person leaves the sauna, be sure to dip the brush in the water bucket & do a quick scrubbing of the benches, walls & backrests. 

Prop the duckboards off the floor, leave the door open to air out completely. The hear reminding in the rock & wood should dry the sauna completely.

If you start to develop dirt or sweat stains, use the hand brush again but with warm water & mild detergent. You could also lightly sand your benches once a year. Should you start to develop mould anywhere you can clean them with warm water & bleach.

Be sure to rinse your feet before entering your sauna, this helps to reduce the amount of dirt on the floor, benches & duckboards.

These simple tips will help keep your sauna looking it's best year in, year out. Invest in your health, invest in a sauna.

If you have any further questions please get in touch with a member of our team!

Top tips for maintaining your home sauna infographic