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How Can Saunas Aid Weight Loss?

Posted on May 17 2023

If you are considering purchasing a sauna, one of the benefits is potential weight loss!

It is important to note that using a sauna alone will not produce dramatic weight loss results, but when paired with a healthy lifestyle it can enhance results found from diet & exercise.

One of the ways saunas can aid weight loss results is water weight.

The most immediate benefit is water weight loss. Because the intense heat kickstarts the bodies natural cooling process, you sweat.. a lot. This excess water you would usually store in your body is expelled & in turn you can loose up to 5lbs in a single sauna session. As you rehydrate this weight is likely to return.

Another way sauna use can aid weight loss is through detoxification.

While the sauna does not detoxify in and out of itself, it does facilitate excretion of toxins through sweat via the largest organ of the body: the skin.

Detoxification clears out the lymphatic system and helps your body burn fat more effectively, gives you more energy for exercise and can speed up weight loss.

Finally, the use of a sauna can increase your metabolism.

After being exposed to intense hear, your body has to work harder. Because of this our heart rate increases. when our heart rate increased, so does our metabolism. It is estimated that the high heat of a sauna can boost your metabolic rate by 20%.

The higher out metabolic rate, the faster we can burn calories thus aiding weight loss!

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Can saunas aid weight loss