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Dos & Don't For Sauna Use!

Posted on May 16 2023

When it comes to sauna use there are a few things you should avoid doing to ensure maximum benefits.


- Don't use a sauna without consulting your Doctor first, this is especially important if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure heart failure, abnormal heart rhythm or unstable angina. Make sure to also check with your Doctor if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

- Don't use a sauna if you take medication that interferes with your bodies natural ability to regulate temperature or that make you drowsy.

- Don't use a sauna if you're ill. This is because you're likely to be dehydrated & sauna use will increase this level of dehydration.

- Don't drink alcohol or use recreational drugs before, during or after sauna use

- Avoid eating a large meal prior to sauna use.


- Do listen to your body. If you're new to the sauna experience, make sure you start your sessions slowly & build up your tolerance for the heat over multiple weeks.

- Do make sure you shower before & after using you sauna. Showering helps stimulate blood floor through the body whilst removing dirt, lotion & other residues that log pores, allowing you to sweat freely. This also helps to keep your sauna clean.

- Do bathe naked - if you can! Wearing no clothing in a sauna optimizes the health benefits. Clothing interferes with the ability of heat to penetrate your skin & body. They can also hamper sweat evaporation, the body produces sweat to keep the body cool & if the sweat doesn't evaporate properly it hasn't been successful in cooling.

- Do exfoliate, this helps boost the blood circulation & maximises the benefits. When sitting in the sauna lighting brush your arms, legs, back & belly with a dry brush. 

- Do stay hydrated. Make sure you drink 2 - 4 cool glasses of water after sauna use. You'll be sweating a lot during your session & so you want to make sure you're replacement the water you've lost.

- Do stretch out. If possible lie down because then your whole body is affected by the same temperature equally. This also helps increase the range of motion/flexibility & can help expedite the reduction of pain & stiffness. 

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