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Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Lighting

Posted on September 23 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Lighting.

Wireless lighting are becoming and ever growing popular option for many home owners.

Their flexibility and easy 'no fuss' installation are some of the main benefits for this style of light. Combine this with fast charging times and long battery lives it's clear why they're favoured choice among many.

Some of the advantages of wireless lighting are:

  1. No complex wiring - To be able to control lights through the traditional method, you need to have an extensive wiring system throughout your home by a professional electrician. This can be an expensive job and can take some time, this is also something that needs to be considered when planning outdoor lighting systems. However, if you choose to use wireless lighting, this can be avoided.

  2. Flexible - Wireless lighting come with flexibility and you are free to choose where you want to place them within you home and garden. This means that you do not necessarily need a light with a high IP rating as you can move it outside as you please.

  3. Easy to maintain - Wireless lighting fixtures are inherently easier to maintain than traditional ones. This is because a single control is responsible for the light, thus, if they do require attention it is usually a simple fix. 

Check out our wireless lighting collection on our website if you're interested in purchasing some of your own! Alternatively, take a look at some of my favourites below:

Contemporary Cordless Rechargeable Wall Light

Available in 3 beautiful colours, this wall lamp was designed and made in Italy, this wireless battery operated wall light is the perfect modern addition to your outdoor area, and it's high IP rating allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors and has good protection against outdoor environments. 

This light is composed of a poly carbonate diffuser, LED light source and a matt painted aluminium base and bracket. This wall light also comes with a charger and a micro USB input. Once fully charged the battery life lasts for a guaranteed 9 hours or more on full power.

Metal Battery Powered Bronze Lantern

This beautiful collection takes inspiration from 18th century street lighting and offers a warm light from day to night. This exterior floor lantern is created with a brown braided waterproof leather handle, attached to the base which is composed of marine grade stainless steel with cataphoresis treatment, making it weatherproof, with a bronze lacquered finish and an amber finish acrylic diffuser creating ambient lighting for any outdoor area. 

Wireless Metal Modern Table Lamp

Designed and made in Italy, this battery operated cordless table lamp is the perfect addition to your outdoors. It has a high IP rating and protection, making it resistant to the outdoors. Also, this light combines modern metals and a sleek design to create an ambient atmosphere at different light levels to provide optimum and appropriate lighting where it is placed.

It is available in five different colours, these being gold, copper, aluminium, blue, and green as shown here. This light uses a 4-step touch dimmer, which diffuses light at four different intensities and at varied warmth as desired.