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Here's Our Exciting Garden Trend Predictions 2022...

Posted on January 05 2022

As we know, the pandemic and it's various lock-downs have encouraged an increased interest in garden design. People have become more reliant than ever on their homes and gardens. This means there is no better time to invest in your outdoor space and blur the lines between your interior and exterior living. Here's some fab trend predictions that we think will take off this spring / summer!
The first trend which has been predicted by experts is the idea of vertical gardening. This fun trend can be created using a plant wall or trellis, as well as attaching potted plants to a wall vertically! Vertical gardening is great for making the most of your space and making smaller spaces (like balconies) look larger. It ensures that every aspect of your space is being used and is great for creating 'zones' in your garden.
Natural colours and materials are being predicted to take off this new year, muted tones and subtle greens and neutrals are to become even more popular colour palettes in outdoor design. In terms of materials, this year we will see a surge in popularity for natural and artistic materials such as ceramics, granite and coloured glass - we can't wait!
Natural shapes are also making a comeback in garden design, box shaped hedges and harsh linear designs are being replaced by a softer, more natural form.
Another style leading the way this year is beautiful Mediterranean style spaces, with a focus on one monochromatic colour to create an idyllic space to unwind. This style will make you feel like you're on a heavenly holiday every time you step into your garden!
Mid-century interior design and furniture took off in 2021, and in 2022 its making its way outside! This design will focus on graphic shapes and a touch of vibrant colour. Mid-century style in particular focuses on an integration of indoor and outdoor motifs.
Alike 2021, a leading garden design trend is most definitely the focus on outdoor rooms and 'zones'. These outdoor rooms mean that there is fluidity from your indoor to your outdoor living. The transition from interior to exterior design should be blurred and effortless this year!
Why not give some of these design trends a go this new year?