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How To Create An Outdoor Living Room

Posted on September 17 2021

A key goal of mine is to help my clients have a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor living. Your outdoor area is an essential area of your home to invest in - whether you use your garden to relax and sunbathe, cook and dine, or entertain friends and family. Your outdoor space can be a great addition to your home! Before starting your outdoor project, there are some key factors to consider;
  • How your space will be used - to entertain guests or to relax and unwind. Consider key eye-catching views that your property offers, this will be useful in where you position your furniture (no one wants to drink their morning coffee facing a wall rather than the sunrise!)
  • What time of day your outdoor living area is most likely to be used - consider where the sun rises and sets around your garden. Would you prefer to relax in the morning or evening sunshine?
  • Garden zoning - distinguishing areas of your garden to cook, dine, relax and entertain. Detached zones for different areas of use adds interest and aesthetic value to your garden.
Here’s my top 5 steps to follow when putting together your outdoor living area:
Step 1 - A Floor
Every living room requires a solid, level flooring. This is to ensure furniture is level and the underfoot is safe. Patios are great for creating different zones in your garden in contrast with greenery. I recommend natural materials for this flooring, so that the living area looks more naturally embedded in your garden. 
Step 2 - Walls
Fences and even high plants can be used as walls, making colour easy to incorporate into your outdoor living area. Fences can be painted according to your colour scheme and incorporating outdoor light onto fences can create an enclosed, cosy feel. High plants are also great for making your outdoor living room look more blended into your garden. Why not try some Outdoor String Lights on fences to create zones in your garden. 
Step 3 - A Ceiling 
Depending on your preference regarding sunlight in your outdoor living area - your area can be covered with a pergola or parasol to protect you from the sun rays. Retractable Pergolas make it especially easy to pick and choose when you want to be covered from the sun. Take a look at Luxterior’s range of bespoke and retractable Pergolas, Umbrellas and Awnings to create the perfect customisable shelter for your outdoor living room.
Step 4 - Furniture & Accessories 
The best advice I can give you when designing and creating your outdoor living space is to extend your personal interior tastes outside. Outdoor furniture can be just as impressive as indoor furniture, so it's important to invest in outdoor sofas and coffee tables which fit your  own taste. I also recommend keeping an eye out for the right materials your outdoor furniture is crafted from (Check out our blog Which Garden Furniture Is Best? for more tips). 
Luxterior can help you create your own beautiful outdoor living space. Shop our range of stylish Sofas and Benches, Modular Furniture and Tables
Colours, furnishings and accessories are vital in creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor space. Why not attach an outdoor mirror to a fence or garden wall to create an illusion of more space, or soft furnishings like rugs and cushions to make it feel as if you’re inside. (Remember to think about storage for these furnishings when the weather changes!) Shop our Patterns and Texture range if you'd like to incorporate bold colours and patterns to expand your interior design preferences outside. 
Step 5 - Lighting
Outdoor lighting can not only make your outdoor living space safer by using floor lights and spotlights to light up paths etc, but it can also create a cosy and inviting ambience in your garden. Outdoor lights can be used on fences or walls, or outdoor lamps can be used as a focal point in your living area. Another popular addition to a garden is a fire pit as they extend the time your outdoor space can be used - in the cold winter months. They can also help to create a soft, warm ambience. Both outdoor lighting and fire pits are so important as they extend the amount of time this space can be used; later into the evenings and in winter months in which days are shorter and colder. 
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