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Marine Sauna | Saunas For Your Superyacht

Posted on May 16 2023

We are proud to work with Carmenta. They are a luxury wellness brand founded in1949. Born as a company specialized in the bathroom furniture, offering exclusive and completely Made in Italy furniture and accessories, made in the small factory in Carmignano di Brenta, in the province of Padua.

The brand grows and begins to expand the field by starting to develop new products for the Wellness branch. Thus, after much research and study, testing new materials suitable for wellness equipment, in 2002 Carmenta made its first wellness cabins, saunas and steam rooms, achieving unprecedented success.

Carmenta's professionalism is also present in the naval sector, dealing with Wellness cabins built inside both yachts and large ships. Saunas and Turkish baths that arise from the ingenuity of designers specialized in the naval sector and which Carmenta interprets, enriching them with the most exclusive finishes and professional technologies and systems at her disposal, creating unique and scenic products, but also welcoming and functional, to give the best wellness treatment possible.


Wellness cabins such as emotional showers or frigidarium's inside yachts are the best example of the symbiosis between technology and aesthetics. Here we arrive at a high degree of customization in saunas for ships, to satisfy the owner and his designers, without however forgetting the technological component, rather exploiting it, using the best equipment on the market. Elegant and refined finishes, essences and details are contrasted in the technical compartment with equipment and technologies such as a cold cabin for cutting-edge yachts.


The Wellness cabins such as the steam bath inside the yachts are enriched with various software to improve their management and functionality. For example, the open door sensor sets a safety timer when it detects the prolonged opening of the door, for example due to an obstacle that does not allow it to close. After a programmed time, the steam bath cabin for yachts then goes into alarm, stopping and alerting the crew that there is a problem, so that an operator can check and solve it, restoring correct operation. Furthermore, with the Carmenta Genius system, all the information relating to the Wellness cabins such as the steam bath and emotional shower inside the yachts are always available to those who manage the ship, so that they have the opportunity to intervene on them as soon as they notice any malfunctions .


The Wellness cabins inside the Yachts are equipped with the best technologies, such as the forced ventilation system for steam baths and saunas for ships. Air system technology for steam baths is necessary to ensure that the steam mixes properly with the fresh air. To do this, Carmenta has designed a forced recirculation system with the aid of silenced fans. In saunas for yachts, on the other hand, the circulation of incoming and outgoing air is mechanized, thus greatly improving the stratigraphy of the heat.

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Marine Sauna - Sauna For Your Superyacht