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What Are the Health Benefits Of Using Saunas?

Posted on April 04 2023

On those cold days, nothing sounds better than stepping into a warm room with low, ambient lighting which wraps you in a blanket of heat. Not only are saunas incredibly inviting, they also hold host to a range of health benefits.

Stress Reduction

Studies have shown that regular sauna use lowers levels of cortisol, your body's main stress hormone. There is also research showing that sweating increases relaxation as well as reduce feelings of frustration & anxiety. This is because the heat from the sauna improves circulation & stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins ae the body's natural 'feel good' hormone.

Pain Relief

Since the blood vessels relax & dilate in a sauna, blood flow increases. The experience can help to reduce tension in the joints & relieve sore muscles. Saunas might also help those with chronic pain & arthritis. 

Improves Heart Health

One study found that sauna users saw a drop in blood pressure & artery 'stiffness' immediately after their heat bath. They also showed an increase in heart rate that was similar to the effect from moderate exercise. Both heart disease & dementia share some common risk factors such as high blood pressure. One study fond that sauna users bloody pressure dropped by even points & their arteries became more elastic.

Aids Recovery After Exercise 

During exercise your muscles form microscopic tears. These tears cause inflammation, muscle soreness, tightness, cramps & sensitivity. Using a sauna enhances the muscle recovery process by increasing blood circulation & carrying oxygen rich blood to the muscles to aid repair. The heat also allows muscles to relax better, thus relieving muscle tension.

Improves Brain Health

Regular sauna use can decrease metal decline in the elderly & is associated with a lower risk of dementia. In an observational study of over 2000 healthy Finnish men it was found that those who used a sauna 2-3 times per week & 4-7 times per week had  21% & 66% lower risk for dementia respectively. Read more here - How Does Sauna Use Improve Brain Function?

Fight Illness

One of the best benefits of regular sauna use is that it can improve your immune system. Each session helps the body to produce white blood cells which are responsible for fighting against attacking infections. Regular users have a higher amount of white blood cells, stay healthier & fight infections at a higher speed.

Induces A Deeper Sleep

Research has shown that a deeper, more relaxed sleep can result from sauna use. In addition to the release of endorphins, body temperatures which become elevated in the late evening fall at bedtime. This slow, relaxing decline in endorphins is key in facilitating sleep. 

Potential Weight Loss

On a simple level, weight loss happens when our body expends more energy than it consumes. Amid steamy temperatures in a sauna, your body will work harder to stay cool, so it burns more calories. Sauna use should be pared with a balance diet & exercise regime for healthy, sustainable weight loss. 

To get the most out of your saunas it's recommended to sit in the sauna between 20 - 30 minutes. Make sure you gradually increase the time spent in your sauna if you're a beginner, we recommend starting with 10 minutes.

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