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Which Garden Furniture Is Best?

Posted on July 16 2021

My initial answer when I'm asked this question is obviously garden furniture from Luxterior, but jokes aside, it is important to know what you're looking for in outdoor furniture.

This is especially important if you're investing in furniture that will last a life-time and maintain that 'brand-new' look that we all love.

Some factors you should consider for choosing outdoor furniture:

  • Weather in your area - if you live in an area which is prone to regular downpours or long periods of extreme sunlight; the condition of your furniture can be effected. Extreme rain and moisture can cause rot or rusting, whereas mass UV exposure can sometimes mean colours fading. 
  • Cleaning & upkeep - some materials require more maintenance and upkeep than others. Depending on how much you're willing to care for your furniture, the possible upkeep for different materials should be taken into account before your purchase.
  • Durability - the strength and sturdiness of materials is a key factor to keep in mind. Particularly if you're looking for goods that will last withstanding daily use from you and loved ones.

Some key metals to look out for:

  • Cast aluminium (especially with a powder coated finish) - Cast aluminium won't fade or rust which means it is suitable for the more unpredictable weather conditions - something we are definitely accustomed to in the UK! Cast aluminium is also on the lighter side, so it's easy to move around. It requires very low maintenance and aftercare - just an occasional wipe down with warm soapy water will do the job!

(Be sure to check out our range of lighting largely made from Aluminium; like our Rustic Outdoor Wall Lights - powder coated in a variety of colours.)

  • Steel - preferably stainless or galvanised steel to limit risk of corrosion and rusting. Stainless or galvanised steel is strong and sturdy so won't be shifted by heavy winds. It requires low upkeep - just regular cleaning to keep it looking as fresh as when you first purchased.

(Have a look at our collection of Stainless Steel kitchens and barbeques, like our Customisable Outdoor Kitchen Island.)

Key woods and plastics to look out for:

  • Teak - A great wood for outdoor dining furniture. Its high oil content means it repels water and resists dry rotting. This means it withstands rainy conditions. It's gorgeous warm-toned colour is at risk to fading long-term, so to prevent this happening it requires a teak sealant application once a year or so.
  • Rattan - My personal favourite wood aesthetically as it looks elegant and modern, working well with a powder aluminium base. The great thing about rattan is that the synthetic version is almost indistinguishable. Real rattan tends to rot outside, good-quality synthetic rattan can be left outside for long periods of time, only requiring an occasional wash with warm soapy water when you feel it is necessary. 

(Take a look at Luxterior's Rattan Collection to see how gorgeous this material looks!)

  • Acrylic - A great plastic for outdoor use. Its resistant against harsh weather conditions like extreme rain and UV rays. Acrylic is also sturdy and durable. It retains its colour well and requires very little maintenance.

Acrylic is a key material in many of our Pergolas, Umbrellas and Awnings due to its weather resistance and durability.

To top-off and decorate your outdoor space with cushions and throws - look out for products made from or mixed with polyester and acrylic. These materials are water and mostly mould resistant. (Although it is still best to store these in a covered area of your garden).

At Luxterior we care about the quality of your outdoor furniture and lighting and understand it's a lifelong investment! We are mindful of what materials we work with to make your life easier.