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Why An Outdoor Kitchen?

Posted on November 03 2021

Outdoor kitchen islands have become more popular than ever in recent years and here at Luxterior we are all for it! It's more common than ever to use your outdoor space as a place to entertain and gather with friends and family, to expand your living space into your garden and patio. Outdoor kitchens are great for endless reasons, particularly as they...
1) Boost your alfresco dining experience.
Outdoor kitchens take alfresco dining to the next level - the whole process of preparing, cooking and eating can happen in the same space. It means the whole experience is more social and can take place in the fresh air! Who doesn't love open-air dining? They are great for convenience - bringing food and beverages to and from the outdoor dining space is so much easier.  Kitchen islands can also incorporate some of your favourite kitchen appliances such as pizza ovens and wine coolers and most are completely customizable!
2) Enhance your entertainment space.
Using your outdoor space to hold dinner parties and socialise with friends and family is completely modernised with an outdoor kitchen. It can centralize culinary activity so that everyone is included. Counter space can be used as a prep area, a bartending area and a place for people to catch up! Making the whole place more social and open - this is great if you love to host the best summer gatherings or dinner parties.
3) Expand your living space.
An outdoor kitchen is a perfect example of expanding your living space to incorporate your garden. Creating outdoor 'living rooms' and kitchen spaces is hugely popular as it means you're making use of your entire property. It means your everyday cooking and food preparation can take place in the sunshine and fresh air. 
At Luxterior, we offer a carefully curated range of luxurious outdoor kitchen islands and modern gas / charcoal barbeques. Many aspects of these products are customisable, from size and design to accessories and finishes. This is to ensure you get the perfect product for your individual space and needs. Here’s some more information on these luxury pieces…
The first thing to note about our kitchens is they are made using quality materials to ensure they last the test of time. Most of our kitchen islands and barbeques are made using 216 stainless steel to protect them from rust. Our selection of coal grills are made using either cast iron or stainless steel, this is to ensure the surfaces are not damaged easily and last you a lifetime of use. Neither the grills or the barbeques require electrical connection – our collection of barbeques can work with a gas line or tank as well as coal. There are optional bespoke canvas covers which can be purchased in order to protect products from damage when not in use – get in touch to add one of these to your order!
With regards to your kitchen island, the number of cabinets your island holds is customisable, but cabinets themselves are not customisable in length. The length of your island is determined by how many cabinets you opt in for. Once an enquiry is made, close working relationships with manufacturers means that our team here at Luxterior can help you every step of the way; this is from the initial design conception all the way through to installation.
Below are some of the beautiful finishes your kitchen island can be made from:
luxury outdoor kitchen | bespoke outdoor kitchen island | high end modern barbeques and grillsluxury outdoor kitchen | bespoke outdoor kitchen island | high end modern barbeques and grillsluxury outdoor kitchen | bespoke outdoor kitchen island | high end modern barbeques and grillsluxury outdoor kitchen | bespoke outdoor kitchen island | high end modern barbeques and grills
These finishes, along with various kitchen accessories allow you to can create your very own unique cooking space.
The accessories that can be added to your outdoor kitchen piece are as follows:
-Outdoor / countertop fridge for storing your food preparation essentials!
-Grill cover (in various sizes) to keep your grill looking brand new.
-Sink for washing hands and food.
-Sink cover
-Workboard to prepare your food before cooking!
-Pan stand to keep boiling pots and pans out of reach.
-Cabinets to hold crockery.
-Wine cellar for easy access when hosting dinner parties or catching up with friends.
-Lights kit to create a warm ambience and to highlight your outdoor kitchen as the star of the show.
-Ice maker for those summer beverages.
Some of these accessories are only available on certain kitchen models, for more information including dimensions and prices (along with more images) don't hesitate getting in touch today with for a full PDF guide. 
We love making your dream outdoor spaces a reality - indulge yourself with our range of bespoke, premium kitchens and barbeques.