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How to Position Your Outdoor Lighting

Posted on October 06 2021

As days begin to draw to a close earlier and evening darkness sets in - outdoor lighting becomes more important than ever. Outdoor lighting is not only great for aesthetic but also safety purposes. Here’s some of our tips and tricks for lighting up your outdoor space in the darker months.
Using light in your outdoor landscapes not only protects you from hazards this Winter, such as slipping on ice or fallen leaves, but it also enhances your home (especially during the holidays). Outdoor floor lights are great for creating clear pathways and preventing accidents. Post lights and bollards can similarly be used to create clear pathways. Wall lights are great on garage or patio walls to guide you to safety during darkness. 
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Another way you can position outdoor lights is known as highlighting - positioning your light at the base of an outdoor feature to illuminate it upwards from its feet. This can highlight a specific feature you want to draw attention to, for example a sculpture or water feature. Many people use this method of lighting with trees or impressive plants. However, whilst in summer months positioning a floor light at the feet of your beautiful Oak tree may encourage people to look at its greenery, in Winter months it’s bare branches may not be something you want to draw attention to. Consider positioning light at the trunk rather than it’s branches to avoid creating a creepy look (although this may be quite fitting around Halloween!). Incorporating some string lights into your shrubs can make the most of their bare branches - these are especially great around the festive time.
A method commonly used on trees and garages is downlighting - a concealed light used to create a warm illuminated space at the foot of the wall/tree. This lighting technique does not only have aesthetic value creating a subtle, warm ambience, but it also serves safety purposes highlighting walls and trees in your garden. Many of the wall lights offered at Luxterior can be used to downlight as they direct lighting down the wall.
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Using ceiling pendants are great attached to a patio roof for creating a cosy outdoor living space. Ceiling lights attached to a patio roof can make an outdoor patio space look and feel like an inside living room - why not incorporate outdoor heaters or a fire pit into this space to ensure it is warm even in winter months.
Hopefully these tips help you incorporate lighting into your outdoor space with ease. Investing in outdoor lighting made from quality materials means your outdoor lights will last a lifetime - through both heatwaves and snowstorms. At Luxterior our range of lighting is crafted from quality materials to ensure it withstands harsh weathering agents. Shop our full lighting collection online now!